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Prepare for your next Private Equity Interview

Private equity firms seek to hire the cream of the crop from the investment banking and management consultant industry, but with dry powder at an all-time high, more and more private equity firms are seeking candidates from non-traditional backgrounds. Typically, private equity firms will not only challenge candidates to technical and fit-based interviews, but grueling leveraged buyout (LBO) case studies as well. These case studies can last anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days, and there are often 3 or 4 rounds of interviews before a decision is made.


We can help you prepare for both the interview questions and the case studies, and we help you think like a private equity investor. We can provide you with practice LBO case studies that will simulate the case study environment, and then ask detailed questions about both the model and the company, similar to a case study. All case studies come with a full answer key.

  • Practice case studies that are modelled off of real CIMs and deals
  • Master the paper LBO and all its variants
  • Understand and model transactions using a provided LBO model template
  • Most common technical, fit and deal related questions in private equity interviews
  • Learn to think like a private equity investor
    • Asking the right questions
    • Addressing due diligence issues
    • Using a due diligence checklist
    • Breaking down the value of a platform
    • Building a growth engine,
    • Roll-up strategies
  • Finding niche industries with recurring revenue

Paper LBO from Start to Finish – Commonly Asked in Private Equity Interviews

How to do a short LBO case study (1-4 hours) in a private equity interview – 1 minute video

Infrastructure Private Equity

We also specialize in providing private equity interview questions and case studies focused on infrastructure, complete with answer keys.


We have case studies focused on renewable energy such as solar and wind power complete with answer keys. The models in these case studies have long projection periods of 20+ years because of contracted revenue streams.


We also a set of interview questions focused on some of the unique aspects of infrastructure private equity, such as project financing, the impact of geopolitical and demographic factors, and M&A trends within the sector.

Real Estate Private Equity

Real estate private equity is another area of focus at Finance Interview Coach.


More and more large global private equity firms are growing their real estate groups in order to take advantage of unique trends in the space. This includes the movement of office real estate from traditional financial centres to tech hubs in cheaper cities, as well as the strong demand for industrial and logistics real estate due to the increase of e-commerce. There are more and more specialized private equity firms specializing in real estate, sometimes with a narrow geographic focus and othertimes with a broad mandate across multiples sectors and geographies.


We can help you analyze and present the most attractive geographies and sectors from a macro perspective and customize your answers to the type of real estate private equity firm you are interviewing with.


We also have case studies, paper LBOs featuring a variety of real estate private equity transactions, as well as development models for further analysis.


In addition, we will work with an established list of interview questions that have been asked in real interviews to test your understanding of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate from both a macro and a micro perspective.

One Hour Coaching Session

$150/ Hour


  • Leveraged Buyout Case Studies
  • Advanced Technical Questions
  • Customized to You
  • Expand Your Network

Bulk Package: 3 Hours (13% off)

$130/ Hour

Bulk Package: 5 Hours (27% Off)

$110/ Hour

Bulk Package: 10 Hours (40% Off)

$90/ Hour

Our Coaching Methodology

Real Case Studies

Case studies based off real CIMs, providing you with detailed guidance and templates on LBO modeling.

Customized Interview Questions

Fully customized mock interview: walk us through your model, and then we’ll ask advanced qualitative and quantitative questions, just like in a private equity interview.


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention, and written feedback will be provided as well addressing your strengths and areas for improvement

Our Coaches

Josh Jia

  • 8 years of experience
  • Founded Limestone Capital
  • Private Equity Analyst at Imperial Capital
  • Investment Banking Analyst at BMO, Diversified Group
  • Placed 100+ candidates into both IB, PE, and other finance roles

Rolan Naiman

  • 4 years of experience
  • Corporate Banking Associate at BMO
  • Focused on P&U and infrastructure
  • Investment management and trading experience
  • Passionate about credit

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After understanding your goals and background, we will provide case studies based off real CIMs, providing you with detailed guidance and templates on three-statement LBO modeling. We will give you a chance to walk through the model, and then we’ll ask you tough qualitative and quantitative questions on all components of your model, just like in a private equity interview.


Furthermore, we will test you from a list of curated questions that have been asked in real private equity interviews.


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention. Concise, written feedback will be provided at the end addressing your strengths and areas for improvement.