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Resources for preparing for your investment banking interview.


Advanced Question 1 - How does a $120 purchase of an annual subscription affect the 3 statements?

Follow along with a walkthrough of a common type of accounting question you may be asked in a investment banking interview.

FIC Comps

Question - What are multiples? Why use EV/EBITDA?

What are multiples? Why are they used? What are Equity Value Multiples? What are Enterprise Value Multiples?

This video explores some basic concepts of Comps.


Question - Walk me through a DCF.

“Walk me through a DCF” is one of the most fundamental (and common) questions in an investment banking interview. Follow along with Finance Interview Coach Josh Jia while he walks through the 6 most common steps.

FIC Stock Pitch

Question - Pitch me a stock.

The stock pitch is one of the most common investment banking interview questions. Although verbally presenting without a deck is very different than how you would ultimately present the work in your firm, having a clear structure to your answer is extremely important.

Finance Articles & Blog

Let’s say you just created a model in Excel. How do you check it?

The best way to check your model is to print it out and check if there are any errors. It may be overwhelming to look over a model you worked on very long on a screen and printing it out, will make it easier to synthesize the information. As well, you can put in formulas […]

Why do you think formatting is so emphasized?

Formatting is key to build your attention to detail. Consistent formatting is key to maintaining professionalism with clients and teaches analysts to build their eye to detail and to notice any minor matters that may be off.

What makes a good investment thesis?

A good investment thesis should present several solid and unique explanations of why this company would be a good investment. Some examples of drivers include ●A M&A roll-up strategy that is looking to buy companies at cheap multiples to accelerate growth ●Efficiency initiatives that seek to eliminate expenses which do not add value The key […]

What do you look for in an investment?

This question is testing your investment philosophy. The typical investment philosophy that is often preferred by investment bankers and private equity investors is deep value plays on companies with a sustainable competitive advantage trading at relatively undervalued multiples,similar to Warren Buffet’s style of investing.

Pitch me a stock.

Feel free to take 1-2 minutes with your answer. It’s important to avoid stocks that everybody knows, such as Apple, Netflix, Alphabet (Google), etc. This is because pitching these commonly known stocks might be interpreted as a lack of knowledge of the intricacies of the stock market. On the other hand, if you pitch a […]

What makes a good model?

A good model is one that is thought through with great detail and logic. Any model that deals with intrinsic valuation such a DCF is based off numerous assumptions and the modeler must be able to back up their assumptions and logic when asked. A good model is one that can be explained with sound […]

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