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Corporate Banking (Debt)

Financial institutions seek to hire candidates with strong attention to detail, great communication skills, and a hard-working, positive attitude. Consequently, interviews contain a mix of technical and qualitative questions testing your knowledge of capital structures and their implications, mechanics of various debt instruments, the process of a deal, and walking through credit case scenarios.


However, nailing all the technicals does not ensure success. The industry is a ‘people business’ built around relationships and social interactions. Interviewers will be sure to assess a candidate’s soft skills through a variety of behavioral questions and their demeanor throughout the interview. This will determine if there is a fit within the organization and if the candidate has the potential to one day interact with and pitch to clients – a vital component to growing the business.      


During a standard 1-on-1 coaching session, we can prepare you by analyzing and walking through credit case studies tailored to your needs, test you from a list of curated technical and behavioral questions, provide detailed feedback on how to improve, as well as creating a resume to ensure success. It’s our goal to get you your ideal role in the debt/credit industry.

  • Latest and most advanced technical questions on debt structuring and credit case questions
  • How to answer market questions
  • How to effectively walk through a credit case study
  • Ensure a detailed understanding of an array of widely used debt instruments
  • How to discuss deals and demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the debt/credit business
  • How to ‘correctly’ answer behavioral questions
  • How to ensure you effectively present your soft skills
  • Structured written feedback addressing your strengths and actions to take to address areas of improvement

One Hour Coaching Session



  • Advanced Technical Questions
  • Fit and Behaviorals
  • Customized to You
  • Expand Your Network

Our Coaching Methodology

Understanding your Goals

Understand your goals, your background, and your experiences so we can align your story, as well as getting a grasp around your technical skills

Customized Interview Questions

Customized mock interview catering to the topics you need the most improvement on or wish to focus on


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention, and written feedback will be provided as well addressing your strengths and areas for improvement

Our Coaches

Joshua Jia (IB, PE, and Corporate Development)

  • 6+ years of experience
  • Founded Limestone Capital
  • Private Equity Analyst at Imperial Capital
  • Investment Banking Analyst at BMO, Diversified Group
  • Placed 30+ candidates into both IB and PE roles

Rolan Naiman (Debt)

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Corporate Banking Associate at BMO
  • Focused on P&U and infrastructure
  • Investment management and trading experience
  • Passionate about credit

Our Placements

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After understanding your goals and background, provide you with sample mock interview questions to ascertain where you are at in your preparation


  • Customized mock interview catering to the topics you need the most improvement on or wish to focus on


  • Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention


  • Concise, written feedback will be provided afterwards addressing your strengths and areas for improvement