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Prepare for your next equity research or hedge fund interview

Equity research, hedge fund, and investment management roles are seeking people who are deeply passionate about the stock market and actively trade their own portfolios or follow market trends closely. Rather than asking for a single stock pitch like in investment banking, interviewers will often ask for 2 or 3 stock pitches, and often times a short pitch as well if the fund is a long-short fund.


In addition, interviewers will expect you to have an opinion on various different sectors and subsectors, as well as the overall market. They will expect you to have an opinion on interest rates, Fed tapering, overheated and undervalued sectors, and the sustainability of market trends both in the short term and the long term.


Interviewers will also probe your investment thesis in significantly greater detail than an investment banking or private equity interview. Thorough knowledge of the industry and its competitors are required, in addition to relative valuation and the factors influencing any discrepancies in relative valuation. Other factors like understanding the quality of management, evaluating the company’s positioning, and performing deep due diligence on their financials and customer base are expected as well.


At Finance Interview Coach, we can make sure you can demonstrate your knowledge about stocks, sectors, and the overall market in the greatest clarity while ensuring that all boxes have been ticked and that there are no weaknesses in your investment thesis. We have worked with and successfully placed professionals in sell-side equity research roles, buy-side equity research roles, public equities teams in pension funds, as well as both medium to large hedge funds.

  • Investment thesis deep dives to ensure all bases are covered
  • Performing due diligence on financials, customers, and competitors
  • Help with analyzing and building multiple stock pitches, sector pitches, and market opinions
  • Short pitches on overvalued stocks or sectors
  • Studying macroeconomic factors and forming a short term and long term opinion on sectors and the general market in various geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Assistance with various valuation methodologies such as relative valuation and DCFs while providing strategic rationale for assumptions and discrepancies
  • How to demonstrate your passion for investing and the equities market through your story and behavioural answers

One Hour Coaching Session

$150/ Hour


  • Long and short stock pitches
  • Deep dive and due diligence on investment theses
  • Constructing strategic rationale for sector and market opinions
  • How to tell your story and demonstrate your passion for the market

Bulk Package: 3 Hours (13% off)

$130/ Hour


Bulk Package: 5 Hours (27% Off)

$110/ Hour


Bulk Package: 10 Hours (40% Off)

$90/ Hour


Our Coaching Methodology

Investment Thesis Deep Dives

All aspects of investment theses on various long or short stock pitches will be probed, simulating how a portfolio manager would question you in an interview; including the types of questions asked in earnings calls by sell side analysts.

Customized Interview Questions

Fully customized mock interview consistent with the style of the equity research or hedge fund role you are applying to, including questions about sectors trends, valuation, and macroeconomic factors driving these trends. A strong emphasis will also be placed on behavioural questions to ensure that your passion for investing is self-evident.


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention, and written feedback will be provided as well addressing your strengths and areas for improvement

Our Coaches

Josh Jia

  • 8 years of experience
  • Founded Limestone Capital
  • Private Equity Analyst at Imperial Capital
  • Investment Banking Analyst at BMO, Diversified Group
  • Placed 100+ candidates into finance roles

Rolan Naiman

  • 4 years of experience
  • Corporate Banking Associate at BMO
  • Focused on P&U and infrastructure
  • Investment management and trading experience
  • Passionate about credit

Our Placements

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After understanding your goals and background, we will provide a tough, realistic mock interview simulating how a portfolio manager would probe every aspect of an investment thesis. We will also test your ability to provide several stock pitches, sector opinions, and macroeconomic stances. Finally, strong emphasis shall be placed on how you tell your story and whether you are demonstrating your passion for investing to the most effective degree.


Furthermore, we will test you from a list of curated questions that have been asked in real hedge fund and equity research interviews.


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention. Concise, written feedback will be provided at the end addressing your strengths and areas for improvement.