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Prepare for your next Venture Capital Interview - 90% of our clients get a job in their field of choice!

Venture capital firms look for well-rounded individuals who exhibit a comprehensive understanding of strategy, key trends in sectors like tech and healthcare, as well as a sound comprehension of valuation methodologies. Furthermore, they are positively biased towards those with entrepreneurial experience, or anybody with a strong understanding of a variety of business models (eg internet startup vs manufacturing startup) and the key drivers of their success or failure. Understanding the key differences between early-stage and late-stage strategies as well payout structures such as a pref waterfall with different tiers is critical as well.


Since professionals in venture capital are often expected to “wear all hats”, the interview process can often be quite varied depending on the firm. Questions about the sector of focus, such as technology or healthcare, are often the most important to master. It’s important to know who the key companies are in each subsector and what is driving the growth behind these companies and sectors. Questions about valuation methodologies such as comparables and DCFs are also common, especially when it comes to companies that do not have positive cash flows. Typically speaking, the interviewer will also ask you to pitch a company they should invest in.


Finally, behaviorals are critical as VC firms are looking for somebody who has a true passion for growth-oriented companies and can demonstrate their intellectual curiosity and entrepreneurial ability to ask tough questions and generate deal flow.


90% of our clients get a job in their field of choice!

At Finance Interview Coach, we can help you:  
  • Develop a thorough understanding of relevant sectors and subsectors, such as the key drivers of different trends and business models, as well as the main competitors in the space
  • Work through financial valuations and case studies catered towards venture capital, including pref waterfalls for Stage A, B, and C companies incorporating a variety of hurdles rates, earn-outs, options, and other incentives
  • Master the behaviorals to demonstrate your passion and intellectual curiosity
  • Build several engaging pitches for potential investments that match the firm’s parameters and cover the most important details, such as:
    • Industry and competitor analysis
    • Positioning and strategy
    • Management
    • Valuation methodologies, especially for companies with no positive cash flow
    • Key drivers of growth and assumptions made
    • Key risks
    • Various payout structures incorporating prefs, earn-outs, options, and other incentives
    • Exit strategy

One Hour Coaching Session

$190/ Hour


  • Advanced Industry and Valuation Questions
  • How to Master the Investment Pitch and Cater to Investment Parameters
  • Customized to You
  • Expand Your Network
  • Venture Capital Case Studies

Bulk Package: 3 Hours (6% off)

$178/ Hour

Bulk Package: 5 Hours (13% Off)

$165/ Hour

Bulk Package: 8 Hours (19% Off)

$153/ Hour

Bulk Package: 10 Hours (26% Off)

$140/ Hour

Our Coaching Methodology

Master the Investment Pitch

We will help you craft investment pitches within the investment parameters of the VC firm and ensure that it covers all areas of due diligence.

Customized Interview Questions

Fully customized mock interview featuring behavioral questions, as well as market questions focused on the industry, growth drivers, and competitors. The mock interview will also have questions on valuation and payouts.


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention, and written feedback will be provided as well addressing your strengths and areas for improvement

Our Coaches

Josh Jia

  • 8 years of experience
  • Founded Limestone Capital
  • Private Equity Analyst at Imperial Capital
  • Investment Banking Analyst at BMO, Diversified Group
  • Placed 100+ candidates into finance roles

Rolan Naiman

  • 4 years of experience
  • Corporate Banking Associate at BMO
  • Focused on P&U and infrastructure
  • Investment management and trading experience
  • Passionate about credit

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After understanding your goals and background, we will provide a mock interview featuring real questions asked from VC interviews. We will give go over behavioral questions, industry questions, as well as your investment pitch.


Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention. Concise, written feedback will be provided at the end addressing your strengths and areas for improvement.