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Josh Jia - IB/PE Coach

Josh Jia is the founder of Finance Interview Coach, the world’s #1 interview coaching service for students and professionals in investment banking, private equity, corporate development, corporate / commercial banking, equity research / hedge funds, and venture capital.


He is the author of the 350 Questions guide and has taught IB lectures at Princeton, Wharton, UCLA, Queen’s University, Ivey, Rotman, Schulich, Waterloo, and Laurier. Josh has coached clients all over the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, Australia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya. Through his efforts, he has placed 100+ candidates in finance roles.


Josh has always been passionate about teaching and helping aspiring investment banking and private equity professionals achieve their dreams. His passion for finance began in high school at the end of 2007, where he heard a tip on a podcast to short homebuilders. He ended up placing first in a provincial stock market competition and winning a scholarship. Josh also started an investment club at Queen’s University called Limestone Capital, which has grown to an alumni base of 150+ people around the world. Using this platform, Josh built the first finance interview prep course at Queen’s University, which included 6 classes and a 250 slide package.


During his time in investment banking (BMO) and private equity (Imperial Capital), Josh has accumulated significant transaction experience, including the C$300M IPO of Sleep Country, the US$156M acquisition of Atlas Paper by Resolute Forest Products, and an extensive private equity roll-up of food testing labs in the U.S. Having worked closely with the sell side and buy side alike, Josh knows exactly how to position candidates for success both for the short term and the long term, and is eager to provide coaching and share his resources in the areas of investment banking, private equity, corporate development, and other subsectors of finance.


Josh is also a Principal at Apex Advisory, a firm that specializes in consulting services for financial modeling, investment memos, due diligence, strategy, and data science.


Outside of work, Josh is a published poet, a passionate Dungeons and Dragons player, and an avid sports fan of basketball, football, and soccer.

Rolan Naiman

Rolan has worked as a corporate banker at a large Canadian institution for 3 years providing debt financing to power, utility, and infrastructure companies. Recognizing the foundational role that debt played within all financial transactions initially drew Rolan to the credit side of the business and continues to be a rewarding experience as he helps clients close important deals. Prior to working in credit, Rolan worked at a pension fund in macro strategy research and on the trading floor of a sell-side institution. Rolan graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Financial Economics.


Rolan particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others trying to break into the industry. As a self-proclaimed conversationalist, he will happily discuss any finance related topic on end until he is asked to stop.


Outside of work, Rolan enjoys rock climbing, watching hockey, spending time with his cat, and destroying his friends at Settlers of Catan.

Alexander Banh

Alexander Banh has 7 years of experience in the finance industry. He was a co-founder of Limestone Capital, an investment club at Queen’s University. Alex started his career in investment banking in 2015 at BMO in the M&A group. In 2017, he joined ecobee, a home automation company, as an analyst in their strategy and finance team. In the same year, he worked part-time with the Capital Markets team of Fulcrum Technology Holdings, a global merchant bank specializing in the technology sector. In 2018, he left ecobee to work at Fulcrum full-time, where he has continues to work today after being promoted to Principal. He also runs the Strategic Finance and FP&A function of Converge, a portfolio company of Fulcrum.


Alex Banh has a Bachelor’s of Commerce as well as a Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence at Queen’s University. He has placed 50+ candidates into finance roles.

Manager of Strategic Finance and FP&A at FAANG (Fintech, Equity Research / Hedge Fund, FP&A)

  • Top-ranked Investment Banking & Equity Research VP with 12+ years of experience. Currently a Strategic Finance and FP&A Manager at one of the FANGs


  • Have worked on the buyside & sellside, at bulge brackets & boutiques, covered multiple sectors (TMT, Consumer Retail etc.)


  • Been on the hiring committee for Intern, Analyst, Associate & VP recruitment; and have insights into how hiring decisions are made


  • Mentored 115+ professionals & helped them secure jobs in Banking, Research, S&T, HFs, & Strategic Finance / FP&A over the last 12 years, through resume & cover letter reviews, mock interviews, and career coaching


  • Ivy-league graduate with 100% scholarship throughout

Equity Research, Hedge Fund, and Investment Banking Professional

    • 2 years of experience as Equity Research Analyst in Technology group at large Canadian bank


  • 4 years of experience as Associate Portfolio Manager at hedge fund


  • 3 years of experience as Investment Banking Analyst in Financial Insititutions Group at large Canadian bank


  • Experience teaching and lecturing in classroom environment

Manager of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance

  • 5 years of experience as Manager of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance


  • 2 years of experience as Investment Banking Analyst


  • 8 years of coaching and resume review experience

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