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More and more companies in all sectors are expanding their FP&A and corporate finance teams as the demand for financial reporting and budgeting increases. Businesses are realizing the importance of a strong internal finance team in helping understand areas of growth and improvement, analyzing costs and margins in different product categories, as well as providing critical financial modeling capabilities.


These financial models are often one of the most important deciding factors for securing favorable debt and equity financing, as well as corporate development both on the buy side and sell side. With M&A activity increasing significantly over the last few years, it is critical for medium and large businesses to have clean internal and external financial models which break down the most critical growth drivers. This can be extremely informative for the both the buyer and seller in M&A activities and also drives estimates for synergies and integration costs.


One of the biggest concerns of interviewers is understanding if you’re truly passionate about the technology sector and have a strong understanding of the industry. Your story needs to demonstrate a history of interest and / or experience in the space.


Furthermore, it is critical to understand the different product lines within the company and the growth strategies it’s pursuing. It’s important to understand the areas where the company has exceeded investor expectations as well as areas for improvement. Finally, it’s also important to understand the trends affecting the sector, the new technologies that could change up, and who the main competitors are as well as how they are positioned.


At Finance Interview Coach, we have a coach on our team who occupies a senior position in Apple’s strategic finance team and has significant experience in leading FP&A / corporate finance teams as well as hiring team members. In addition, we have other coaches who have significant experience in FP&A, corporate finance, as well as the industry research, knowledge, and expertise required to excel in these interviews, as well as the methodology to ace your behavioral questions.

  • Build a story that demonstrates your passion for working on long-term projects and being deeply involved in the financial budgeting, presentation and decision-making with regards to growth strategy, cost and cash flow management, and M&A activity
  • Teach you the strategic elements of different subsectors of various industries, such as corporate development strategies, factors to consider before entering a new market or releasing a new product, how to account for scale and cross-selling
  • Provide valuable industry research and insights so that you are better informed on influential trends and have a strong understanding of the competitive landscape as well as each company’s unique positioning and growth strategy
  • Go over key skills and technical questions in accounting and budgeting; develop internal reporting and presentation skills necessary to excel in the role
  • Analyze and build upon the various valuation methods used in finance such as precedent transactions, comparable companies analysis, and DCFs

One Hour Coaching Session

$150/ Hour


  • Industry Specific Case Studies
  • Advanced Technical Questions
  • Customized to You
  • Expand Your Network

Bulk Package: 3 Hours (13% off)

$130/ Hour


Bulk Package: 5 Hours (27% Off)

$110/ Hour


Bulk Package: 10 Hours (40% Off)

$90/ Hour


Our Coaching Methodology

Real Interview Questions - Customized Interview Questions

Customized mock interview catering to the topics you need the most improvement on or wish to focus on

Real Case Studies

Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention

Written Feedback

Concise, written feedback will be provided afterwards addressing your strengths and areas for improvement

Our Coaches

Josh Jia (IB, PE, and Corporate Development)

  • 8 years of experience
  • Founded Limestone Capital
  • Private Equity Analyst at Imperial Capital
  • Investment Banking Analyst at BMO, Diversified Group
  • Placed 100+ candidates into finance roles

Rolan Naiman (Debt)

  • 4 years of experience
  • Corporate Banking Associate at BMO
  • Focused on P&U and infrastructure
  • Investment management and trading experience
  • Passionate about credit

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After understanding your goals and background, provide you with sample mock interview questions to ascertain where you are at in your preparation


  • Customized mock interview catering to the topics you need the most improvement on or wish to focus on


  • Feedback is provided after each question in order to promote learning and memory retention


  • Concise, written feedback will be provided afterwards addressing your strengths and areas for improvement