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Investment banking interviews are often very technical, testing you on financial concepts not taught in the classroom. The Finance Interview Coach Resources page was created to offer candidates with additional resources to assist in preparing for their interview.

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What is the difference between a stock purchase and an asset purchase?

A stock deal is when an acquirer purchases all equity ownership of a firm to purchase the entire company. This is by far the most common kind of deal. An asset deal is when the acquirer purchases the majority of the target’s assets and does. The target firm uses the cash proceeds from sale to […]

What is debt sizing in project finance? (1 min)

Debt sizing is used in project finance (infrastructure) to figure out how much debt can be raised to support an infrastructure project each month / year. As dictated by the debt term sheet, there is usually a maximum leverage ratio (eg maximum of 70% debt and 30% equity) and a minimum debt service coverage ratio […]

What is the due diligence you need to do in an LBO?

Before a buyer can even talk to a seller, the buyer must examine their entire universe of deal opportunities and decide which they want to invest in the future; this process is called sourcing. The buyer is examining the landscape of companies and examining if they have the core traits they want in the business […]

Have you ever managed a team before? What was your role and what were your greatest challenges?

Any example from school, work, or extracurriculars is fine. Describe the context of the team’s goals and how you arrived into a leadership position. Elaborate on the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Make sure to communicate clearly and provide tangible details on both the challenges and the steps you took to overcome […]

Private Equity: Walk me through your resume / tell me about yourself (1-3 min)

You want to tell a story about how you became interested in investing and learning how to improve businesses. Always start from the beginning: where you came from or grew up, where you went to school, and how the first “spark” led to your interest in financing, whether it be from trading your own portfolio, […]

What are some key debt metrics, and why are they important?

The leverage multiple, debt / EBITDA, is a common metric comparing debt and EBITDA. EBITDA is a proxy for cashflow that can be used to pay back the debt. It also remains neutral in terms of capital structure, tax jurisdiction, and accounting policies. The interest coverage ratio is another key debt metric, and is calculated […]