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Investment banking interviews are often very technical, testing you on financial concepts not taught in the classroom. The Finance Interview Coach Resources page was created to offer candidates with additional resources to assist in preparing for their interview.

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What do you look for in an investment?

This question is testing your investment philosophy. The typical investment philosophy that is often preferred by investment bankers and private equity investors is deep value plays on companies with a sustainable competitive advantage trading at relatively undervalued multiples,similar to Warren Buffet’s style of investing.

Why do you REALLY want to do investment banking?

Sometimes firms will ask this same question again to dive into your real intentions, especially in superdays. Stay calm, and explain your points perhaps in a different manner, showing how you’re hungry and eager to learn and that’s what drives you. You can be more honest in this answer, but once again, focus on what […]

What makes a good investment thesis?

A good investment thesis should present several solid and unique explanations of why this company would be a good investment. Some examples of drivers include ●A M&A roll-up strategy that is looking to buy companies at cheap multiples to accelerate growth ●Efficiency initiatives that seek to eliminate expenses which do not add value The key […]

What makes a good model?

A good model is one that is thought through with great detail and logic. Any model that deals with intrinsic valuation such a DCF is based off numerous assumptions and the modeler must be able to back up their assumptions and logic when asked. A good model is one that can be explained with sound […]

Why do you think formatting is so emphasized?

Formatting is key to build your attention to detail. Consistent formatting is key to maintaining professionalism with clients and teaches analysts to build their eye to detail and to notice any minor matters that may be off.

Why not private equity?

Although some candidates may be interested in private equity, it’s important to speak to your interest in investment banking. The focus should be talking about all the advantages of investment banking, rather than talking about the disadvantages of private equity. For example, maybe you enjoy the client presentation aspect of investment banking, which requires you […]