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Investment banking interviews are often very technical, testing you on financial concepts not taught in the classroom. The Finance Interview Coach Resources page was created to offer candidates with additional resources to assist in preparing for their interview.

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Pitch me a stock.

Feel free to take 1-2 minutes with your answer. It’s important to avoid stocks that everybody knows, such as Apple, Netflix, Alphabet (Google), etc. This is because pitching these commonly known stocks might be interpreted as a lack of knowledge of the intricacies of the stock market. On the other hand, if you pitch a […]

What’s something that’s not on your resume?

Any sort of extracurricular accomplishment, hobby, or achievement is fair game. Whether it’s playing in a band or starting a YouTube, anything is great as long as it’s interesting and shows a positive side of you.

Explain the stock market to a 5 year old.

Let’s think of the stock market as a valley of apple trees. Each apple tree represents a company.Some of the trees you’re allowed to pick from and others you aren’t allowed to. Each apple you get from a tree will be considered as one stock. The ones that you are able to pick from would […]

What’s your favourite Excel shortcut?

A common answer to this would be any special paste functions, since they are commonly used in banking. For example, after copying a series of cells, you can use the special paste function to paste only the format, or the numbers as an absolute value, or column widths. Any other shortcut is fine as long […]

Why not private equity?

Although some candidates may be interested in private equity, it’s important to speak to your interest in investment banking. The focus should be talking about all the advantages of investment banking, rather than talking about the disadvantages of private equity. For example, maybe you enjoy the client presentation aspect of investment banking, which requires you […]

What makes a good model?

A good model is one that is thought through with great detail and logic. Any model that deals with intrinsic valuation such a DCF is based off numerous assumptions and the modeler must be able to back up their assumptions and logic when asked. A good model is one that can be explained with sound […]