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Josh greatly assisted me in preparing for my Bain, BCG and McKinsey interviews. He helped to curate interviews that developed my weaknesses and helped me to identify my strengths. His cases were through, creative and challenging. Our cases were broadly focused at first but Josh was able to identify the places I needed to improve in order to advance. Josh's feedback was an asset to my improvement in the case interview circuit. He's an intelligent and highly driven finance professional who greatly assisted in achieving my interview goals and I'm confident he can do the same for you.

Management Consulting Professional

Joshua Jia is probably one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking professionals you will ever meet. He has immense industry experience and also significant knowledge of the finance industry in general. I have benefited immensely through Josh’s help throughout the job searching and recruiting process in the finance industry and have landed a number of sought after roles. I hope that you will be able to benefit from this as well. Josh’s help will not only open doors for now, it will also open doors for your future career opportunities. The investment is well worthwhile.

Corporate Finance Professional

I just wanted to take the time to thank and give much-deserved credit to Alexander. My resume review could not have gone better. Alexander was thorough and asked all the right questions in order to capture all of my highlights. He took the time to fully understand my story and position it in the best way on my resume. His knowledge of the Finance industry was evident in his suggestions which I would have never thought of. He also took the time to answer any miscellaneous questions I had in detail. The process was outstanding all around. I would definitely work with him again and recommend this service to anyone looking to transform their resume.

Sr. Finance Manager, ABB Optical Group (Florida)

Josh was incredibly helpful when it came to prepping for interviews. Whether he was giving me advice technical or behavioural questions, everything he helped me with was instrumental in helping me get a job in investment banking, and then in private equity. If your goal is to break into the industry, there’s no one I would trust more than him!

Private Equity Associate

Alexander was immensely helpful in getting my resume ready for my recent career search. He was extremely thoughtful, attentive, and helpful throughout our interaction. With his help I have been able to secure interviews with firms that I would not have been able to prior to him helping me refine my resume.

Analyst (Originations), White Oak Global Advisors (San Francisco)

Josh has been invaluable in helping me improve my financial modeling skills and sharpen my understanding of material details in private equity transactions. Josh is a great teacher and is able to effectively communicate and pass on his experience and knowledge gained as an investment banker and private equity professional. Josh does not only teach the basics but can readily break down and simplify complex industry concepts. Josh was not only great in teaching the technical aspects of the job but also helped to develop my strategy to succeed in interviews. Overall, I am Josh has been outstanding in helping me transition from a non-traditional background in corporate law to finance.

Investment Banking Associate

Alex did a great job on my resume review. He was encouraging and offered perspective that increased my confidence with the job search. I was changing industries and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to break into investment banking, but through his encouragement and help I was able to get an investment banking analyst position within a few weeks. I received many compliments on my resume through the job search which played a huge part in me receiving the offer. I would recommend Alex’s service for any student or professional wanting to get into investment banking.

Investment Banking Analyst, Agentis (Vancouver)

Alexander provided superior service in helping me revise and critique my resume. Throughout the resume review process Alexander provided thorough and concise feedback to ensure my resume was of the highest quality to present to employers. Overall, the resume review service offered by Alexander was very professional and highly recommended!

Loan Associate, State Street (Boston)

Josh has been a phenomenal mentor of mine since I was in first-year university. His extensive experience in investment banking and private equity made him the perfect interview prep coach, especially since he has gone through the recruiting process himself. In addition, he has a knack for giving intuitive explanations for financial concepts, ensuring that I fully understood the theory as opposed to simply memorizing the answers to a list of interview questions. His friendly disposition also made him a pleasure to interact with. In the end, I was able to secure an investment analyst position on the buy-side upon graduation. I definitely would not have been able to get there without his help, so many thanks to Josh for helping me jumpstart my career!

Investment Analyst at Leading Investment Management Firm

Josh is a leader in interview preparation and career development. Josh was instrumental in helping me land a job at a leading global investment bank in NYC. Josh continues to be a source of guidance and mentorship as I progress through my career. I highly recommend working with Josh to secure your next job in the financial industry.

Investment Banking Associate at Global Investment Bank in NYC

Alex recently helped me with my resume. The process began with a bunch of pertinent questions which formed a starting point for the review and then continued with revisions based on subsequent questions I had following the first draft. The resume looks significantly better than what I had before this process. I also learned that I was leaving off things that were perfectly good to be on the resume and stay there. Additionally, Alex was kind enough to take the time to answer some other questions I had, given his experience in the field. Overall, the process was seamless and informative and I highly recommend it if you are at all uncertain about your resume.

Senior Financial Analyst, Avenue M Advisors (Los Angeles)

I had the pleasure of working with Alexander when he conducted a resume review session with me prior to the beginning of the recruiting season. One of the things that stood out to me about the session was how thorough Alexander was with his feedback. My resume was not riddled with too many errors, but Alexander provided constructive feedback for almost every line of my resume. Not only was he able to give feedback on the resume itself but also he provided his thoughts about how he felt my resume was as it relates to the roles that I intended to apply for. I'm currently in the process of recruiting and now feel more confident about my resume and have begun to receive interview opportunities for the roles that I intended to apply for.

Student, Baruch College

From the moment Alexander Banh and I connected he was very professional and quick to respond to me. He offered to review my resume and give it a professional update so that I would attract more potential employers to my profile. He did a superb job with sending me a thorough questionnaire to learn more about me and my previous work experience which thus led to him generating a very polished resume for me. The process took less than a week and I was very pleased with his work. After he was done working on my resume I immediately starting filling out applications for finance positions that I was interested in. I received many call backs and in person interviews, which led me to receiving a full time job in corporate finance for a company that I love working for. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. Thank you again Alexander, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Wealth Mgmt. Branch Analyst, Morgan Stanley (Atlanta)

Alex and Josh are both great mentors and were a crucial component of my career development early on, and the guidance they provided me on financial modeling and LBO modeling gave me a step up in both recruiting and work. They are both extremely competent with regards to teaching financial concepts for individuals both new and familiar with finance, and are always happy to share honest advice. They are both genuinely care about your success and I would recommend them to anyone interested in developing the necessary skills to pursuing a career in finance early on.

Investment Analyst at Highbridge Capital

Josh greatly assisted me in preparing for my interviews in both investment banking and corporate development. He provided me with practical, actionable advice drawn from his experience interviewing with numerous employers that helped me overcome my weaknesses, highlight my strengths and tailor my message to the employer in question. He was incredibly patient with me as I went through the interview process and was very helpful throughout. If you're looking for someone to transform your interview skills, there is no better person than Josh.

Corporate Development Professional at Multinational Corporation

It was 8 months before graduation that I decided to pursue a career in finance. Having worked in completely irrelevant fields, I was lost and I didn't have any guidance or exposure to the whole finance scene and struggled in figuring out how to break into finance. I knew speaking with people like Alexander who knew ins and outs of recruiting process was one of the things I could do, so I actively sought mentorship opportunities, and I stumbled upon a chance to speak with Alexander. After speaking with him and doing a mock interview, I learned exactly what I lacked in, and what strengths I have, and what direction I should take on to maximize my chances of breaking into the industry. Alexander has been tremendously helpful with my recruiting, and offered invaluable advice that played a critical role in landing interviews with reputable firms for investment banking, equity research and private equity roles. What I really appreciated was that he was very real and gave advice that were actionable in the very limited timeframe I was given. Alexander is currently mentoring me and I truly feel that having a mentorship opportunity with Alexander will help anyone aspiring to be in finance to set out a clear plan that he or she can execute on.

Private Equity Analyst, Red Oak Succession Partners (Toronto)

Josh’s personal advice were essential for me when I was looking for a job. His experiences and expertise in the finance industry allowed him to teach me some of the most practical and useful financial concepts. Moreover, Josh international experiences also helped me to explore different opportunities in regions like China and Hong Kong. Josh was very attentive throughout the whole process. He helped to improve my resume tremendously by cutting out the unnecessary materials and highlighting personal strength. Most importantly, his deep understanding of interviewers’ intentions was what really helped me. By the end of my sessions with Josh, I was not only able to receive job offers, I also gained knowledge about the industry which I believe that will able to benefit me for a lifetime.

Private Equity Associate

My experience with Alexander has been more than pleasant. Alex was prompt, courteous and professional. He took the time to talk to me to truly understand my work experience and my skills. He reformatted my resume, condensed it down to 1 page while preserving the essence. He also helped me with my interview skills, potential areas I could improve on. I have received several interviews from high caliber organizations, and I attribute it all to Alexander's help.

Analyst (Data Performance & Risk), Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board (Edmonton)

Alex has the ability to hone in on specific aspects of your resume and make them shine. After a phone call and a couple pass-throughs with him, the difference in my resume is night and day. Always friendly and receptive, Alex has managed to make me impressed with my own resume. I’m heading into recruiting season more confident than ever and looking forward to staying in touch with Alex.

Marketing Manager, Xiaomi (Beijing)