Tell us about a trend or theme you’re following that affects the PE landscape. (1 min)

You should try to speak to a trend that is related to the group you’re interviewing for or the subsectors that the PE firm focuses on. For example, if the group is focused on healthcare, you can speak to trends that have arisen from the disruption caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has made many elective and preventative care more inaccessible and this has caused the rise of alternative sites of care, telemedicine, the modernization of clinical trials, and healthcare provider consolidation.

You should also look at their recent deals and portfolio companies and try to pick a trend that applies to these deals / companies. For example, if the firm is focused on a very specific sector of healthcare, like dentistry, then it would be ideal to pick a trend that is affecting that specific subsector. In dentistry, a common trend is that private equity firms are buying smaller family practices and rolling them up into a bigger platform. This allows the owners to cash in on their business, but it also helps the practice gain efficiencies of scale by applying best practices to IT and accounting so the dentists can focus on their core jobs rather than worrying about accounts receivables.

You can also look at similar deals done by other PE firms and speak to how this is part of a larger trend or theme in the PE world.

If the PE group you’re applying to is a generalist group or industry-agnostic, then take a look at their recent deals and portfolio companies and choose a trend that affects one of their investments.