Pitch me a stock.

Startup Funding

Feel free to take 1-2 minutes with your answer. It’s important to avoid stocks that everybody knows, such as Apple, Netflix, Alphabet (Google), etc. This is because pitching these commonly known stocks might be interpreted as a lack of knowledge of the intricacies of the stock market. On the other hand, if you pitch a stock that comes across as a unique and genuine idea, the interviewer may find it much more interesting and assume you have a strong understanding of the market.

It is also ideal if you can pitch a stock in the same industry group you are applying to. However, if you are applying to a generalist industry, any stock is fine as long as it’s a stock that matches the geographical area (e.g. pitch North American stocks in North America, pitch UK stocks in theUK). As much as stock choice matters, it is important to structure your pitch in a logical way that shows you understand all the components of a good stock pitch. Below is a rough structure that you can use in your pitch.