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Read over 300 pages of investment banking interview questions in our 300 questions interview guide!

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300 Questions Investment Banking Interview Guide

The 300-Question Guide is the only interview guide which contains 300+ questions and answers from actual investment banking interviews.


It is the most updated and best-written IB interview prep resource in the market. The author of the book, Joshua Jia, has 7+ years of experience in finance including investment banking and private equity and brings his industry experience, recruiting, and interview coaching to the table.


The guide also includes advanced written questions which require calculations, such as M&A, accretion/dilution, and LBO questions. No other guide includes such advanced questions.


If you want to ace your investment banking interview, you NEED this guide.

The Finance Interview Coaching 300-Question Guide contains a breakdown of the most common and advanced technical and behavioral questions asked by the top banks.

The 300 Questions Guide covers the following topics:

  • Behavioural & Fit
  • Market Knowledge
  • Accounting
  • Enterprise Value / Comparables
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leveraged Buyouts

Gain interview knowledge not taught in your classroom.

Do you find that existing guides that have often been shared for 10+ years are not providing the questions actually asked in interviews? Don’t be surprised if you do; just about every professional in the industry has already read the same guides (eg 400 questions) and will purposely avoid those questions. Our guide is the only investment banking interview prep guide that gives you advanced questions and answers actually asked in IB interviews.


In addition, this guide will help you gain a deep fundamental understanding of accounting, enterprise value and comparables, discounted cash flows, mergers & acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts so that you can answer challenging questions on the fly.


Finally, careful attention has been paid to the behavioural and market components of the interview process, and the guide goes in great detail to help the reader understand what the goals of the interviewer are for each question and how best to position your story.

Own your next interview! Attain your financial career goals with this amazing resource.

Whether you’re looking for behavioural or technical interview prep in investment banking, our depth of knowledge and experience can help you prepare for the most common as well as the most advanced questions. Great candidates get hired quickly. Get in the know, and try the 300-Question Guide to boost your career!

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